Marie's Rant

Saturday morning rant. Move along if I'm annoying. I'm really ok with it.

So reading this morning about a mom who dealt with parents from her sons hockey team, adding their 2 cents on the fentanyl crisis. Outcome- let them die- self imposed - why should my tax dollars pay.

So let's expand our thinking here and save the healthcare system a bundle.

I challenge all the naysayers to speak up without fear on the following:

  • Smokers with related illnesses - yes even grandma
  • The overweight who's knees can no longer support the infrastructure
  • The heavy drinker who needs liver treatment or even a new organ all together!
  • The diabetic who has a plethora of health related issues because they didn't mange according to the treatment plan
  • The arm chair football watching, pizza and beer eating expert with heart disease

I'm sure I could think of more...

The only difference between the items listed above and that of an active substance abuser - could be disposition. So if we're keeping nicer people alive - then let's use a personality test as our treatment guide in emergency rooms -

Bam - I've just solved the healthcare issue.

There is not a single addict who started out any different than you and I. Many addictions are born of trauma - many many many start with a well intended Dr, with a prescription pad.

Did you know the demographic group with the highest rate of opioid related hospitalisation in Saskatchewan? Senior freakin citizens !!!! True dat.

So next time you want to scrape our city clean of addicts because of their heavily weighted cost on our communities - clean up your own house first - of every self inflicted medical ailment and condition. Add up the dollars you save when you get a refund on grandmas oxygen tank - go buy her a pack of smokes on the way home and Pat yourself on the back you urban hero you! - and way to take a stand - you no longer look like a fool who assigns a moral meter to health care coverage.

Frankly we need to pull back holistically and look it this issue. Certainly we are hearing from the crazy momma's like me - I have nothing to lose -

However aside from the maternal Maniacs - talk to first responders - judges - insurance companies - small businesses held up at gun point - the criminal justice system / we can NOT incarcerate our way out of this one. Our jails are are 120% capacity - at the expense of rehabilitative programs - classrooms in prisons are now dorms.

This is a multi billion dollars industry it's not going anywhere .

A very good friend of mine said yesterday- for every new addict on the street - we create 5 more. Because they need at least 5 customers to help pay for their own habit. But take that addict off the street and get them help and recovery - we have potential saved the other 5.

Yes your kids can be convinced to do drugs. Don't let dance lessons and Sunday dinners fool you - all our kids had them.

It can be anyone's child. Anyone's. Don't have to eat your words one day.

Peace out...or in. Something like that.

Marie Agioritis