Update from our moms in Winnipeg

Thing's are starting to go strong here in Manitoba. Our Fire Paramedic and Police are launching an awareness campaign. Our Minister of Health and Justice along with Police went to a high school to talk to kids about opioids and delivered a powerful message. Naloxone spray is now in the hands of the Manitoba R.C.M.P. and the Winnipeg Police Services, of our "Bear Clan" (a group of trained inner city volunteers), and it will soon be distributed widely all over Manitoba. It will be sold in Pharmacies and our "Street Connections" continue to train and hand out kits. A group of mothers of children that are struggling with addiction have been trained and have kits. This will save countless lives.

An officer who has lost a son, is giving presentations to fellow officers in Manitoba. He speaks about his families experience, informs his fellow officers about harm reduction, and shares the message I have been saying loud and clear: "if it could happen to my family it could happen to yours".

I'm proud of Manitoba, yes it's taken awhile, but people are listening and trying to come together. This has always been my message, not to blame but to work together to bring change and help to educate our young people about opioids and the risks. My next meeting is with our Mayor. I am hoping to bring my husband, and as well as the police officer who has lost a son and his wife.

I'd like to take a break but it's hard when thing's are really starting to happen. It has been two years since our first interview about loosing our son Jessie. It took a lot of hard work to get Manitoba on board, but the deaths and overdoses to Fentanyl and now Car-fentanyl left with us with no choice. Our community is coming forward and it's on the news everyday. Everything I learnt and talked about will slowly get implemented.

I have met some amazing people and families. And have learnt something from everyone I have met, e-mailed or had a conversation with over the phone. It is an amazing community working for change.


Arlene Kolb, Winnipeg, MB