Speaking to university students about drug safety

Yesterday I gave another "Danny Talk" to students at MacEwan University where I also teach.
This was a message from one student after the talk: "Thank you so much for speaking up on this topic. Thank you so much for bringing this all to light. Thank you so much for challenging it. I can only hope that your group is heard and that organizations open their minds and realize that knowledge is power and focusing on harm reduction is what needs to happen."

It is always very rewarding to speak to students and to share our story, explain about the need for harm reduction and make recommendations to keep people safe. Speaking to students (future nurses and future educators) means to pay forward and to inform future practice. This is the third talk this semester and after every talk there are at least one of two students who have a friend or loved one who struggles with substance misuse. All these individuals promised to get a Naloxone kit for themselves and their loved ones.

Petra Schulz