This Friday I went to UBCO to take in a movie, and ended up in a meeting with some faculty, security and students....

The students are focused and committed to harm reduction and prevention.   They are an inspirational crew! Here are the highlights!  

  • A prevention campaign will kick off next week. There will be increased posters, tabling and displays in all cases on campus for fentanyl / naloxone awareness 
  • Harm Reduction: The wellness RN on campus, reported that 6 naloxone kits have now been dispersed on campus.  Students have been researching where best to get naloxone kits off campus in the event that stigma keeps students away. UBCO will also be hosting a naloxone training session in the near future.
  • Good Samaritan Policy and Amnesty proposal: A major ask was for the institution to consider an immediate amnesty for any student that helps a friend in event of an on campus overdose.
  • We are looking at a UBCO commitment that students will not face any consequences whether residential or institutional for calling for a friend or seeking medical help for themselves. There will be follow up with the students on this as UBCO believe it to be a key piece for reducing risk for our students.

Overall, a terrific meeting!

Arlene Howe