Melanie and Leo Pouliot, Sun Peaks, BC

Adam was the youngest son of Melanie and Leo’s 3 boys. He died from an accidental fentanyl laced drug overdose at the age of 26. 

Adam embraced life and lived every day to the fullest.  He was gentle and caring and had a vibrant, charismatic nature.  His wit and charm would light up a room.  Adam had a great sense of humour, was physically active excelling in many sports, especially golf, skiing and body building. He loved nature, all things outdoors, being with family and friends, and loved to entertain with his skilled guitar playing. Adam was engaged to be married and was planning his upcoming wedding. Adam’s parents want to bring awareness through speaking publicly about the fentanyl epidemic with the hope to support others who have had loss and maybe even help prevent further deaths.  They believe this is what Adam would want and for his death to not be in vain.

Remembering Adam

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Melanie and Leo Pouliot - Adam Pouliot.png