Lori Wilson , Victoria, BC

Lori kissed her only child, Miranda, good-night Christmas night 2015.  In the morning, the first knowledge that her daughter was involved with heroin was when she found her lifeless body, with the needle still in her arm.  Miranda had received the drugs from a friend, who coached her through how to use them via text message.  Trying to fit the pieces together, Lori has come to learn that Miranda had only used heroin a few times recreationally prior to her death.

When Miranda entered a room you knew she was there - 6ft tall, with her tresses of long blonde hair, she was loud, funny, smart and beautiful. If you were down, she was always quick to bring up your spirits with her big smile and quick wit. She referred to herself as a "musical prodigy" (although she couldn't play a note of music). Her favorite colours were tiffany blue and "bling". She was loved by many and, those she loved, she loved with abandon - she was an all-in kind of girl.
Miranda was the champion of the underdog, both the human and fur kind. She forgave easily and believed that everyone deserves a second chance (sometimes to her detriment). A month before her passing, she single-handedly raised over $2500 for the SPCA during a donation drive at her work. She said of her fundraising, "…you know I can talk to anybody - I have to use my superpowers for good".
Lori believes that although Miranda is not here to "use her superpowers for good", she would want her story told in hopes that it could help others avoid the same tragedy.

Daughter Miranda, died from an overdose, December 2015, Age 22.

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