Lana Jester, Rocky Mountain House, AB

I lost my 24 yr old daughter on January 9, 2017. She was a dependant user for 6+ yrs and began her addiction by stealing Oxycontin from her dad. I know she did several drugs but mostly Oxy, meth and heroin. After attending a 3 month treatment program from December 2015 to March 2016 she began to inject everything she could. She used her own needles over and over which gave her a terrible blood infection and so began her medical issues. The infection never went away and in November 2016 she was hospitalized and told she was days away from death. She remained in the hospital and was only smoking pot when out on passes. On Dec 31 she was released and warned that if she returned to using any kind of drug by any method it would kill her as her heart was still badly infected and her lungs had blood cysts that had not popped or drained. To the best of my knowledge, she stayed abstinent until Jan 3, 2017.

I am not exactly sure what she took the night she passed away but I do know that she believed it to be heroin. She was alone in a bedroom at her friends house, a girl she met in treatment, and passed away by herself. My heart is forever broken and my life, as well as my entire families lives are forever changed. I would love to help make changes in the way people view and work with peole who struggle with addiction as well as to the systems. She was still just a girl with so much left to offer this world.

Daughter, age 24, died from substance use related causes on January 9, 2017.