To find our more about Healing Hearts or to start your own local chapter please e-mail 

To become a Healing Heart facilitator

To start your local chapter as a facilitator, you have lost someone close to you to a substance use related cause, your personal loss occurred more than 12 months ago*, and you live in Canada and are willing to lead a group. 

All groups should have a primary, as well as a co-facilitator. If you do not have a second person to start, try to identify someone in the group within the first one or two meetings.  It is an added support in the division of tasks related to the group (i.e. someone to handle registration, Facebook group, send out reminders, and e mails re: group meetings, set up refreshments, etc.).  It also provides a backup if a facilitator is sick.  In general, a facilitator should also be looking for someone who down the road may want to step up as a future facilitator as the original facilitator may at some point want to “retire”.

* In some cases, individuals might be able to lead a group before that time.   Please contact your regional leader to discuss.