An interactive story about drugs, alcohol and making choices you can live with.

We are an online community of youth and young adults who may be struggling with addiction issues, or who want to help friends who may be struggling with addiction issues.

Parents’ Lifelines is an Ontario based non-profit family support organization for parents and caregivers whose children to age 24 are dealing with mental health and/or addiction challenges. The organization provided a confidential help-line, parent, as well as youth support groups.

It is suspected that counterfeit drugs have been involved in recent life-threatening overdoses in ON and other reagions. This site by "Parenting in Ottawa" offeres drug safety information to parents. is made up of a community of volunteers who are here to support you – whatever you are going through. All volunteers are trained in emotional support, crisis response, and ASIST Suicide First Aid. We won’t give you advice, or tell you what to do because we believe you know you best! We work to empower you to live your healthiest life. We will support you in the moment, encourage you to explore your thoughts, feelings, fears, options, ideas, and resources.

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse 2015

The research evidence suggests that, more than information, young people are seeking opportunities to discuss what is known about substances such as cannabis, and the decisions they must make about various forms of substance use. To be effective, we must engage in informed and rational discussions with young people about decision making and cannabis use, and support them in their quest for understanding.

Drug Free Kids Canada wants to create a movement to inspire and support parents to prevent drug abuse by youth.

Go to the website to download the "CANNABIS TALK KIT - KNOW HOW TO TALK WITH YOUR TEEN", "Tips for Parents", and information on "Secure your Meds".

Note from MSTH: While these are helpful resources that would be effective with most children and youths, the informaiton provided here does not address the unique needs of children and youth who are at greater risk, such as those living with mental health concerns, children who struggle with impluse control and risk taking behavioiurs, as well as children and youths in some minority groups.

Mental health and crisis support for youths in Alberta.

Resources regarding grief and grief support

A serious game for saving lives.

Inspired by Cards Against Humanity, this party game is designed to save lives. Unlike most social awareness campaigns, Doctors Against Tragedies is fun and educational. We are not here to scare you. We just want you to know the facts.

The game is simple. Read the card and try to answer it.

Calgary based confidential chat and text line for teens.

ConnecTeen is a confidential peer support service for youth in Calgary and area. We are a program of Distress Centre. Being a teen can be tough. You have more independence, responsibility, and stress as a teenager, and you probably have more questions too.

We know there are some things you can’t talk to an adult about and there’s probably a lot of things your friends don’t get about you. We can connect you with a peer who understands your unique situation and can help talk you though your issues. We don’t judge. We are here to listen. Our service is confidential so no one needs to know you contacted us.

If you ever have a question, a problem or just need someone to talk to, give us a call, drop us an email, send us a text or chat with us online.

This Vancouver Coastal Health site offers health and safety tips around cannabis consumption, as well as links for youths, teachers and parents. The information is targeted at the casusal, rather than medical user.