• Naloxone can reverse the effects of an overdose from an opioid.
  • Naloxone does not reverse overdose due to non opioid drugs, but should be administered if you suspect and overdose, as it will not do further harm.
  • Naloxone does not replace medical care.
  • Get a Naloxone overdose antidote kit and training for using it.
  • Kits are available from community health clinics, harm reduction programs and pharmacies.
  • Naloxone is now also available as a Nasal Spray from the US and approved for use in Canada (see Health Canada Link below).
  • Make sure friends and family know how to administer Naloxone.

Naloxone: Everything You Need to Know

This BC site offers an on-line training program, that will teach you how to tell when somebody is overdosing, and how to respond with your Take Home Naloxone kit. 

Take Home Naloxone Programs

Take Home Naloxone Programs, offering free Naloxone distribution, are available in BC, Alberta and Ontario. Follow the links below to find further information. Naloxone distribution in other provinces varies greatly and is generally more restricted.